WU Storm App Reviews

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Very good up to date info. Easy and clear.


Sofar Im positive about the functions in france and germany. However no real data from portugal/madeira.

Accurate app

Very accurate app with "real feeling" temperature data and rain/storm map

Good app

Good app for everything but the wind :-(

Excellent App...

As a pilot I found Storm very useful and quite easy to use, thank you.


Works great. I only miss the Metar in local conditions.


Very cool!


The most complete, powerful and user friendly interface !!

Text still Fahrenheit

Although its a nice application, needs to correct the text in order to show temperature in centigrade too. Adjustments are correctly set to centigrade but even that, the text does not change.

Its a real meteorologic station!

I recomend!

I recommend

Its a very good tool.


Otimo Aplicativo!!

Why do you want to use my location...

....even when I Quote: "...am not using the app"? Apple offers an option "only when using..." Maybe you should start thinking...


Weather-Info at its best! Regards Armin


Get alerts working vor Germany please. Also the Lightning strikes are not always up to date

Top Storm App

We are on holidays in Florida. With this App the thunderstorm cells are always in Outlook viel.


Very good and accurate forecast and comprehensive information displayed

Cant Beat it

All around a great app. All you need and more.

Great app if you are in the US.. but..

Great app if you are in the USA and most likely worth paying for but not if you are in Canada; too many functions are restrictive up here.

Very Useful

I particularly like the alerts

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