WU Storm App Reviews

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Best weather app out there!

Ive used a dozen weather apps and this is the best. I go to one looking first for the radar and, unlike the others, thats the first thing you see. It has all the detail I want/need & its laid out very intuitively. Great app.

Great App

A great weather app thats as simple or geeky as you want. Its the first app I check to see whats happening with the weather.

Great App!

I really liked & relied on Intellicast & I was disappointed when it wasnt being maintained anymore. HOWEVER, once I adjusted to the change, Storm is easy to navigate & has radar options & info like todays rainfall that I havent seen on other sites. I have NOT experienced the crashes that others have. I liked Intellicast, but Storm has become my go to app.

Nice but...

In portrait orientation, it looks and works good. Landscape it uses up all the vertical space and the map is "less useful"...

Very buggy

Freezes, doesnt open with data, radar doesnt refresh on own but alerts do. Great app, love wug, but needs some work.


Everyone stop looking for a weather App you found it. Ok Stop Now!

Pilots Comment: What An App!!

This is a very well-done WX app.not withstanding a pilot professional application for weather.

Very good, but not great

The best part of this app, IMO, is the radar. In my experience it has been VERY accurate. Once it provided a few minutes extra time to take cover before hail started to fall. I like this app enough to pay for the ad-free version, but recently the "Todays History" for my home location went blank. No other saved locations have this issue. Deleting and reinstalling has not remedied the issue. I wish I could give it 4.5 stars, but I cant...

I like it!

Nice app. Works well. Is accurate in my area.


I am unable to open up the app on my iPad. It gets to the loading screen and crashes.... Every.... Single.... Time.

Good weather app

Forecast is generally accurate, and app has very good information on daily and hourly forecasts. Rated at 4 stars only because of ads.

Great way to track rain

Easy to use maps show when to expect rain and when over. Useful for forecast. What a weather app should be.

Through weather app Rains supreme

Storm offers you every speck in detail for your future outlook.

My favorite app!

I love this app. Especially helpful is having the wind direction and intensity overlaid onto satellite map so I know where I can bank fish even on windy days.


I have tried a lot of free weather apps and keep coming back to Storm. Even though it goes through The Weather Channel, it seems better than Weather Underground. I have sent numerous emails to Weather Underground and never receive replies (dealing with their radio part).

Best weather app on the app store

The best and only weather app! Dont want to pay for features that should be free? This is the app for you. The weather alerts are the most on point alerts from any other weather app

Crashes on launch

Latest update crashes immediately.


First, I love this app, and I use it as an add on to WU. The radar is great on this one in particular. The only nothing that I want is a "while using" location like WU has. The "always" location drains the battery.

Very detailed app

Very nice weather app for watching storms. I too live in the country and like seeing what is coming at me and my family. The storm tracks and wind indicators really simplify things. Alerts seem to work well and agree with the actual conditions outside. So far no complaints. Ive had the app about 9 months.

Best so far....

Pretty comprehensive weather forecasting, love the extra information you can find out if you are a weather nut! Nifty that it even gives the phases of the moon!

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