WU Storm App Reviews

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Great app for weather alerts for home or away.

Before it became Storm and was Weather, it was and still is great for getting alerts about weather in my area and other areas I am interested in. Nice to know how friends and family are fairing in different climates. Keep up the great work with the app!


It tells me all I need to know. Things other weather stations dont tell me

Storm works!

The program works very well. Im satisfied with the layout of the screens. Glad they extended the forecast function.


Storm is a great tool to keep you up on whats headed your way. Im always alerted to lightning in my area.

Ive tried them all.

Storm is simply the best

Very helpful, accurate too

My go-to for all things weather.

Useful but not exceptional.

The app offers better storm information than the basic Wunderground app. Some of the tools are pretty self-explanitory, but a help or info option wouldnt go amiss. For instance, does the lightening radius only track ground strikes? What does a slight possibility of severe weather mean?

Great for checking the radar

I have compared this app to some of the big name weather apps and find it is more up to date on the radar maps. Recently I was sitting in a friends backyard in the midst of a thunder storm and checked a couple of the big name apps radar images. They did not show anything in the area. This little gem had the storm and lightning strikes perfectly visible.

My go-to weather app

Great app!

Improved, kind of

Update: 8-16-16. Temperature needs fixed. Wow! 10 degrees warmer than say what Storm Shield, NOAA Radar Pro says (got free, dont pay for weather apps), OUCH! Needs a Fix.!!! How can this app be off that much--strange.. I think its useless to have both WU & Storm, unless you like videos, and going back and forth with the same company. Storm has lightning and WU does not, etc. Will give the Weather Channel people another shot at getting temperature right before possibly deleting the app and find some other app.


Great presentation of information. Lots of it.


Great, really informative!


Great app. Love the interactive features and storm path projections. Its been really accurate. Yesterday I thought wed get a thunderstorm. The clouds were piling high and fast. Checked Storm. It showed the storm but still in PA (Im in NJ) and with a different projected path. Decided to risk it and went for a walk in the woods with my dog. The clouds soon cleared ;-).

Awesome App

Been using this for about a month and absolutely love it.

Great app

Love this app very accurate

Great app

Its nice

Those darn kids!!

I love this app but because its crowd sourced reporting you get some that select every "hazard" listed. (Even when there is no weather to report) Slippery Roads, Power Outage, Debris, Flood, High Surf (Really? I live in the middle of my state). White Out (Its summer time) Plus my personal favorite...Road Unplowed when its 102 degrees outside! There has to be a way to disable some hazards that are clearly seasonal or better yet a way to report/cancel obvious false reports. It makes it very hard to sell the app to friends and family that this should their "go to weather app" when they see reports like that.

Great App.

New features are great. Hope they make it a little more intuitive on how to access them.

Love it

All the weather information I could want in one place

Love it!

This app is the best Ive seen so far. Really helps with Florida summer weather.

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