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Çiftçi, avcı, denizci vs. Herkese tavsiye ederim. Özellikle bölgesel radarı seçebilmek çok iyi.

Great app until they removed the ad-free option

I used to love this app until they removed the ad-free option.

Gives great wind and radar depiction

Ads, yuk. But if you want to get a good idea of prevailing winds, great. Wish I could tie my forecast to my closest WU station. The satellite images are some of the clearest I have seen for the remote area where we live. But I still can't ignore other apps to get a clear picture of the weather. We live in a hollow at 3000+ ft elevation. It has an interesting microclimate, where even a few hundred yards down the road, the weather is different. I need something that I use to capture and predict. And I am way too old to go back and study meteorology.

Missing MAP Settings

Thanks for a great App. Please never remove Wind from the App or I would see no benefit over some other Apps. Speaking of which. I moved to a new phone and cannot for the life of me find where 'MAP Settings' is now located. It is not listed under the intuitive 'Units/Visual style'. It is not an Alert or a Video. It is not an Upgrade or an Ad. It is not Support. It does not offer change by depressing and holding the Icon to be replaced with the desired Icon. Good Night! I finally found it after allowing myself well over ten minutes to play with it. How unintuitive is that? Go full screen? Then see the three sheets layers? I might be alone in that I don't go full screen on purpose, (nor watch Videos) however I slide the Map around. Can I be alone in this? This is definitely a topic for BOTH 'Browse Help Topics', AND 'Frequently asked questions'. Thanks for listening. Now back to real life.

Ad Free

Wonderful app. No longer offers ad free subscription. This is a MAJOR disappointment. I’ve been using the ad free version for years

Let me give you more money!

I paid for the ad free version and it just ran out. Why on earth won’t you allow an ad free option? If you need to raise the price then fine. You might be surprised what ad haters will pay! For that you get two stars. Sorry.

RIP old friend!

Support left you hi and dry

Why the complaints?

I don’t have any ads on the latest storm app. Best weather data provider app ever developed.

iPhone X Screen

Please update to fit the new X screen. Looks awful.

Bring back ad free version

After 3 years of using it, this was my favorite app until they took away the ad free version. Now instead of weather, annoying ads block useful information. I’ll find another app now.

Loved it until they removed the ad free subscription

Deleted and moved on. Shame really, but I don’t want ads. I’ll gladly pay.

Race to the bottom

Now no longer allows add-free experience, even if you pay for it! This app just jumped the shark. I’m done with it.

Update please!

Wish they would update this app!

He Greatest Weather App of All Time

So why 3 stars? 1) PLEASE go back to the old subscription model, I refuse to look at ads, I’d rather go with another app if I can’t just pay the annual subscription fee to opt out 2) PRETTY please add iPhone X support, this gorgeous app deserves the full screen experience!

Timely, accurate; necessary for planning a trip

The best weather app I've. Beats the local broadcast. It has a learning curve, but it's worth the effort to tease out the details that are important to you

Ban the ads

Its amazing how people can scuttle a one-time superb app.

Alerts not working, ads are back

Used to be my favorite weather app, but push notifications about severe weather alerts have stopped working and my subscription to remove ads has been suddenly cancelled. The app failed to warn me of a snow storm coming today, and beyond that, it now looks cheap and tacky with ads that I had paid to remove. Deleting from phone - try harder, weather underground.


It’s a decent app ruined by the huge ad at the top of the screen. I had paid to get it removed but the developers decided that wasn’t enough so we get the big ugly app. Greed ruined this app.

Totally bummed this app isn’t getting updated anymore.

This was the best weather app for iOS.

Fallen into disrepair

This used to be one of the exceptional apps but it seems to have been abandoned by its developers and fallen into disrepair. There have been no updates for five months, the screen fit on the iPhone 7 Plus was poor and there’s clearly zero effort to optimize it for the iPhone X. The return of ads is the kiss of death for me, I don’t use adware on any platform.

Great program!

This is really just a wonderful program. It is amazingly comprehensive, and the interface is great. My guess is the developers like programming and love weather. The ads are very unobtrusive and don’t get in the way at all (and besides, programs of this caliber deserve to make some money). Great job - now please don’t change anything.

Love this app

Really like the push notification of precipitation within ten miles. This is my most clicked on app for weather..my friends even have begun asking me what's happening with the weather.

Needs improvement , good weather app.

On the 10 day temperature/rain graphs (which are very useful), it’s entirely too difficult to pinpoint a day/time. There needs to be a way that you can drag or slide the vertical line/data indicator. For example it’s easy to tap around and get random times and days across the ten-day X axis of the graphs, but it’s very difficult to find a specific time or even close to a specific time. This could be improved if you were able to slide your finger left or right (to move the vertical line/indicator) and see the data update. If ever that functionality is updated/improved I will update us to a five star review. As That chart is the only unique functionality this app provides over other weather/radar apps.

The best

The overlay showing frontal systems is fantastic. It puts this app miles above all others. Vital piece of info missing elsewhere.

Bring back INTELLICAST App.

Bring back the old Intellicast app, that was the best one out there (as both an App and on the Web). The company(s) that had acquired Intellicast and turned it into Weather Underground have ruined it.

No iPhone X support :(

No iPhone X support. Besides that, the app is amazing. Just support the iPhone X already.

Apple Watch must have

THE best Apple Watch weather app. Can totally customize the watch face complication.


Just removed from all of my devices. Storm no longer offers ad-free subscriptions. I will be taking my eyes somewhere else that does not have screaming, flashing trash interrupting my daily weather check.

Giant Ads

And now no way to pay to remove them. Deleted

Forced adds ruin app

As others have said, the removal of the add free subscription ruins this app. I hate add versions and have now deleted this app. Please reconsider or up the fee. I hate having adds forced on me.

Hoping for iPhone X Support

I realize this app isn’t really supported anymore. But it’d be really cool if they could somehow come out with just one more update that would support the iPhone X. I’m still on the fence whether I keep this on my first home screen. There really isn’t a weather app that better.

Simply The Best!

This weather app is the best offered in the App Store, the most accurate easiest to use app that covers everything we need to know exactly what the weather is going to be like for 24, 48, 72 hours ahead, plus more hours if anyone is interested. I have tried every weather app some have been given a second chance, not one comes close to my weather app THIS ONE. I will on occasion give a new weather app a try, before a day it's removed and back to " Storm ". Thanks developers you are the best as well.

First stop for our weather info

This is where we go for the latest report. Quick, accurate, and lets us follow other areas of interest. Forecast data charts are a big help in making our plans moving forward. Great app for us.

Much better than new Storm app! Thanks for keeping it available.

This is a fantastic app! The radar comes up large and visible, all other info is easily available and very easy to read. It's easy to add all the layers you want to the map, too. I have easy access to all my saved locations in the banner at the top, and it shows the temperatures as well. Future weather is a big plus too. I didn't get why they never fixed the issue with the high/low temperatures always being so far off. It has been years. The lows seem right, but the highs are WAY off - not even close! This seems like it should be a simple thing to correct. But, now I see it was because they spent their time on a new app - one that is cumbersome and hard to deal with. They took the ease and simplicity away of getting all the info at a glance. Other free weather apps have become cumbersome and too cluttered, as is true of the new Storm app. This one offers everything I want to know at a glance. And the customization options are great! There's something for everyone.

Don’t look, kids! Adds ruin a lesson on weather

Imagine my surprise... A long term user, I talk in schools and other forums about flying, weather, and other STEM Programs. Many times I will put my iPad up on screen via a projector to show STORM for near real-time weather awareness... so these adds are not always kid friendly... and a distraction. I will no longer recommend it to the many parents I talk with, and will be removing it from our mobile STEM Classroom. Im sure this was a financial decision on your part... hope you survive it.

Inability to removed ads is unacceptable

Later. Let me know when you add the ability to pay and hide ads again.

Ads make it terrible

Clutters up the interface. Bring back ad free.

Still great despite ad confusion

Not sure why they dropped the ability to remove ads directly via the Storm app itself. The slew of one star reviews are a pretty clear sign that this was a poor move. They should have at least made clear that YOU CAN STILL REMOVE ADS, but have to do so through their main Weather Underground app. Love the Storm app and the info it provides, but dinging it one star for the confusion they generated around ad removal.

Update for iPhone X

Please update for iPhone X and come up with something clever for the extra screen real estate. Thanks

Was great... Now advertising.

Was great. Now ads. Please give me the option for no ads back. I’ll gladly pay.

From good to worst

If I could leave 1/4 of a star ... Ads more ads and more ads . . .

Used to be great, but now ads!!!!!!!

I have been a long time user of this app. I actually have many weather apps but like Storm for certain reasons. But now the only way to get it is you have to endure the ads!!! That’s just wrong to make this change! I keep clicking into it out of habit and now they keep getting ad revenue against my wishes. So, move this app out of the way. Maybe even delete it if nothing changes. Stinks. Was great.

The ads ruin it

I’ve been using this app for a long time and it was good, could have been better, but still it was my go to for weather. The best part was paying $1.99 a year to remove the ads. Oh how I hate ads on websites, especially when they cause the page to jump around as they load over way too long a time. Well just yesterday my one year of ad-free bliss was shattered by an ad at the top of the page. Aside from being highly annoying it significantly cuts into the radar view. The app is no longer enjoyable and I will have to search elsewhere.

Invaluable for triathlon training

From what time of day I want to start based on temperature to the wind direction for the outbound trip on the bicycle, this is the complete app for everything I want to know about weather conditions. Thanks!!!

the best weather app I have ever used.

Far superior in every way to most other weather apps.

Fantastic and Complete

GREAT weather, very complete, extensive, many facts. LOVE STORM!!!!! Andrea

Great, Better Than Great.

Once you get all your layers down, It's great for planning a trip. You just enter the cities of various routes, Then you can check the weather patterns, Day's in advance. And plan your route accordingly. You have a Wonderfull App here. I Hope you enjoy using it as much as I Do.

My go to weather app

This app has just about every feature you might need in a weather app - radar loops that's you can Zoom in and out on, and all kinds of customizations for overlays like Lightning strikes, wind speed and direction, and more. There's so many features in fact it can be a little confusing and you can easily clutter up your map view, but after practicing with it and experimenting with the layers and overlays you can customize it to your needs. If you want just one good weather app this would be a top choice.

Required APP for pilots

I use Storm to predict weather pattern movement to allow flying into or out of an area ans staying clear of weather. Storms accuracy has helped me land behind frontal movement by as little as fifteen minutes. RLS ATP with several Acct type ratings

Can't remove ads anymore?

Not going to keep this app with those horrible advertisements. I hope you change your mind and let us pay to remove them. Just went from favorite weather app to no chance I will use it. Too bad. App removed.

A great app with little upkeep

First let me say that this is by far the best weather app there is. That said, some improvements are needed. There have been no significant content updates to the Video section of this app in quite some time. They went from having cool videos on News, and other topics which as of this review have not been updated in over four months. They also got rid of the “no ads” option. Please bring that back. I can’t stand animated gifs and ads all the time. I just want the weather. The weather forecasting itself is great. They have all the info I look for and more. Please keep up the good work there, but do some upkeep on the app. Keep the content current. I love the videos but if you’re really not committed to keeping it updated then get rid of it. I can’t live without this app. Please make it better!

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