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Çiftçi, avcı, denizci vs. Herkese tavsiye ederim. Özellikle bölgesel radarı seçebilmek çok iyi.

Used to be perfect

Storm was nearly perfect up until they decided to push Storm Radar, which doesn't provide all the info on the main screen that I need, and now I can't get rid of the ads in Storm anymore. Rest assured that they won't get any money from me, either directly or through ads. I don't know why you had to ruin a good thing but you did.

Great App, notifications work well

Storm has become my new favorite weather app, no hesitations on recommending it to anyone. Keep up the good work!

Paying for no ads - ad on startup

They pulled this same crap with there other app, no ads means no ads; not sometimes.

Very cool

Great app! Love the dashboard, it has everything except expand and contract on the map. Also wish it had more radar options. And where does it tell you sunrise and sunset times?


Far better than my local weather station. Great job!

The best app to show radar reflectivity

It is the best app to show the radar reflectivity. It shows the reflectivity in the 5 hours future slowly. It is the best!

Ads ruined this app

This used to be a great weather app with the option to purchase an ad-free subscription. Paying for ad-free is no longer an option - a silly move by the developer since the ads are almost illegible, waste screen space, and are pointless for people who have enabled ad blocking in Safari. ProTip: People who purchase ad-free subscriptions also run ad blockers for Safari - the ads are never going to be displayed. Avoid this formerly great weather app

Ad Free is Gone!

Unfortunate you decided to remove the ad-free subscription for WU Storm. I loved this app but like other users the app displays an ad banner which I abhor, so I’m deleting the app and going with a different, ad-free one. The web service offered here is noting but an invite to more spam, which I DEFINITELY do not need!

Can’t remove ads

I cannot delete the ads, but I can delete the app.

Sad Day - TWC bought WU and now....

It is a sad day. The Weather Channel has bought WU and now the advertising madness that is TWC is going to ruin the best weather app ever (WU). TWC is now trying to get you to move over to their junky Storm with NOAA app. Also, WU has announced they are no longer accepting AD-FREE subscriptions - Proving TWC is more concerned in banner clicks, advertising revenue and other stuff than providing good weather information. It is a shame. I purposely use WU because it WASN’T TWC and happily paid an annual fee!!! Good luck and farewell WU. It was a good run. It’s too bad TWC had get their dirty hands on you guys.

Shows Ads even after paying to remove them

In terms of functionality, this apps works very well and is relatively user friendly. Having said that, I’ve been a paid subscriber for a couple of years, but the developer recently launched another weather app, and now I receive an advertisement for that new app upon starting up my Storm app every time. I didn’t pay the fee to have the developer pick and choose what ads to send me. The term ‘Remove Ads’ means NO MORE ADS of any type. The developer is certainly not delivering on their commitment for a paid subscription.

No longer what it was

Used to love this app and even paid for a subscription. Now they've gone ad-based and the result is a big disappointment. Ads take up so much space, particularly on the iPad, that the scrolling data window can only two lines in landscape. I don't use this app as often as I did in the past, but somehow it still used over 600GB of cellular data. Must be those damned streaming ads and videos. Since Weather Underground was absorbed by NBC/Weather Channel, they've lost their way.

Good app

Easy loading and most accurate of all my local stations apps.

No Ads!

Has been my only weather app for years! Now I have ads...very disappointed. The Weather Channel app I can pay for no ads so I will be moving to them.


Needs a major update for iPhone X!


Been long time user and subscriber to the ad free version of Storm. Super disappointed that I can no longer get rid of the annoying ads. Please offer ad fee version again.

Used to be a great app...

This was by far my favorite weather app. I’ve always been willing to pay a subscription for add-free service, but they’ve now discontinued that option. I HATE obnoxious adds using up valuable screen real estate and butting their way into my experience. A certain amount of this is to be expected on the internet. But with apps, I’m more than willing to pay for an add-free experience. However, since Weather Underground has thrown away that option, I have no choice but to now throw away their highly obnoxious app from all my devices.

Ads only now

I used to use weather channel and liked it, payed a subscription for and had no ads. They did the same thing made it ads only, I stared looking for another weather app and found storm tried it out for a couple weeks loved it and started paying yearly subscriptions. I found out that weather channel had bought this app several years ago I knew that it’s days were numbered well here we are ads only now. Well it screws up the screen space and “I don’t won’t adds” I don’t use apps with ads so you loose again I’m going somewhere else where there is no ads. TRY OFFERING GREAT SERVICES TO MAKE MONEY INSTEAD OF PUSHING ADS ON ME.

Good weather app

After I got used to all the bells and whistles, it is a good app with up to date info. Still true after two years. My go to weather app

Please update watch app and update for iPhone X

Phenomenal weather app, and it is my go-to app everyday. I really wish they would update for the iPhone X, and fix the watch app. Unfortunately, the watch app is mostly useless, as it just flickers random temperatures and is very limited with information. Hoping they develop it look similar to the WU watch app.

Reliable forecasting, good radar

This app provides reliable weather information

The best

Super accurate

Add Free

I’m one that also thinks the Storm App is awesome especially without the adds. I downloaded the Weather Underground: Forecast app, logged into it and paid for the add free service using the same login I use for the Storm app. After paying for the add free service in the Weather Underground: Forcast app, I logged back into the Storm app and all the adds were gone. I think this might be a work around since they are both from Weather Underground. I’m now enjoying add free weather from the Storm app again.

STILL The best!

I've tried MANY weather apps, but this one is comprehensive and accurate WHEN you select composite as the source for your locations. Simply the best!

Was my favorite. Now, not so much.

I teach a weather course every year, and loved this app, and recommended it to students. I paid for the ad-free version. But now I can’t - they eliminated that option. I find myself just increasingly using the NWS sites, and this app less and less. I would pay twice what they originally charged if the app was ad-free.

Was a 100% product; now an 80% product

Because now 20% of the valuable screen real estate is cluttered with advertising garbage. I had paid for the ad-free version (now unavailable), and am now looking for a replacement for this once-excellent app.

Bring back ad free

I paid you for no ads. Now you won’t get any of my money. Shameful direction to take in a world already full of nonsense ads. Your company really needs to listen to the [once] die hard faithful subscribers.

Still Some Bugs

Satellite has been super buggy for me lately. I usually just get a big gray box over most of the area for 75% of the frames if I run the past animation. Also, about ¼ of the time, I don’t get any radar/satellite unless I use the past animation. Would be nice to have a single switch to enable/disable all Watch/Warning layers so I can Quickpin them as a single layer.

Bad temps

The temperature and the chill factor and wind are rarely correct

Accurate but RADAR map doesn’t work

I have found this to be most accurate forecaster of my weather in my area but recently the RADAR map has stopped working and it appears that they aren’t releasing updates anymore. Even more unfortunate is that WU sends you to Storm to view the future cast of the RADAR map and it doesn’t show anything on the map.

Was a Great App

This was a super app for those who need good weather forecasts and observations. BUT they ruined it by 1) dropping the membership which removed ads and 2) discontinuing the marine weather feature. Now it’s annoying.

Something has gone wrong....

This was by far my favorite weather app...I got a new phone and now it will not show me any rain in my area or anywhere. It will only show me 5 hour. When I click on 1 hour, all rain and updates go away.

Most amazing weather app EVER!

I’ve tried several, and this is the only weather app I ever use. Everything you need to know one concise place. I especially love the short range forecast graphs, complete with snow accumulation totals. I live in Syracuse, NY, and weather awareness is crucial in the Winter. (Good to know we’re going to get 8 inches of snow tomorrow.). Kudos again to Weather Underground.

No longer ad free; I will find another!

This was my app of choice for weather radar. I will look elsewhere now that I no longer have the option to purchase the ad free version.

Use to be better

Can no longer pay to remove ads. No formatted for iPhone X Was a 5 star app but they just don’t update it very often.

No Ads or No App

This has been my favorite weather app, but I will delete it now that I can no longer purchase an ad-free version. The ads are not only annoying, they take up way too much screen space that should be available for information. Bye, Weather Underground in all forms.

Was my go to weather app but not anymore

Had this app for years with a paid subscription and loved it. And now after all this time no more subscription and as a bonus IT HAS ADDS. Bad move.

iPhone X optimization

I love this app but it needs to be optimized for iPhone X

Best Wx app out there, but...

This app has it all: front symbols, earthquake alerts, animated wind direction, customizable layers, etc. I subscribed last summer, but I see the writing in the wall after they said they’re not offering as-free any longer (and the fact they haven’t updated their videos since July): monthly (instead of simple ad-removing low yearly subscriptions), very expensive weather subscriptions. I’ll pay $10/month for unlimited music, but ad-free weather!?! As soon as this app joins the others, I’m out.

Most detailed weather app!

This is the most detailed weather report app I've come across. I've tried weather bug, apples weather app, Yahoo weather, and this far outstrips them all. The map is high res, detailed, and compiled from local weather stations an radars. The map overlays are very useful and allows you to piece together an image of what the weather will be for the whole day. Not disjointed information that tells you what it is only right now. Highly recommended, to try it out, can't hurt, it's free! February 2018 update: Can no longer remove the ads from the app. This is increasingly annoying, and doesn’t make any sense. Simply because of the ads at the top of the screen, and the wasted screen space I’ve been hinting for a new weather app to replace this one. You used to be able to pay for an ad free subscription, which I would happily do again, but they’ve removed that ability. That honestly doesn’t make sense as a business model. Anyways, while this is the most detailed weather app I’ve used, I don’t want to use it anymore with annoying ads at the top that wastes screen space, and that I can’t get rid of.


Love Storm!! Easy to navigate and love the maps and alerts

iPhone X

Still no iPhone X support.

Please update for iPhone X

Please update for the iPhone X. I have been using this app for a few years and it is the best weather app. Don't let it break down

No longer worth downloading

Do not bother with this because you cannot stop the stupid ads.

Excellent weather app

I have eight or nine weather apps and this is the one that always use. It's excellent.

Data Dense for Weather Geeks

Great app. Can configure map to show lightning, very informative along with storm track forecast. Ads less bothersome than most other weather apps. Give it a try!


I don’t care so much about not being ad free any more, but I am really disappointed that the proximity alerts no longer work. Knowing there is rain or lightning nearby was invaluable and sometimes lifesaving. The Storm Radar app doesn’t have this feature so it’s a nonstarter for me. Given this app hasn’t had an update since Storm Radar was released, you can consider it dead. Witness the IBMification of the Weather Company folks...


Used to be the greatest weather app. Didn't have a problem paying for it! Double the price and I'd still pay for it. Now have to look at add's? Sorry I'll find something else!!!!!!!!!!!

One of best weather apps

Only bad point of app is that future temperatures are incorrect. The app does not consider a day to begin at midnight. Using WunderStation with this app is all you need.

Great Weather

Great app put it all up front. Please add iPhone X support.

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